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Health Benefits Of Ginger For Children


Is your child suffering from cough and cold? Are you looking for a natural remedy for your child’s gastric ulcer? Then you might want to consider ginger for its many health benefits.

Ginger has been long-hailed for its medicinal properties around the world. In an article, Health Benefits of Ginger for Babies, published in Parentinghealthybabies, ginger is one of the oldest known herbs and condiments known to man. You can add ginger in your child’s food to make it more interesting and spicy.

Some health benefits of ginger for children include:

• Helps in digestive issues: Ginger helps ease digestive problems like constipation, flatulence and indigestion.

• Eases stomach ache: If your child is experiencing stomach pain due to dyspepsia, flatulence, colic spasms or other painful stomach issues, a spoon of ginger juice mixed in water can help ease the pain.

• Treats cold and cough: The biochemical found in ginger controls the spread of rhinoviruses, which are responsible for spreading cold and cough in children.

• Protects liver: The liver is a strong organ but it may not be fully developed in a small child. Ginger protects the liver and is good for your child.

• Heals gastric ulcers: The stomach lining of children is not as strong as that of adults resulting in stomach ulcers. Ginger helps to keep such ulcers at bay by healing them.

Per MomJunction, ginger also helps in several respiratory problems, treats bronchitis and whooping cough, and reduces motion sickness.


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