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Health Benefits Of Coffee


Coffee lovers, rejoice. For, not only is your favourite beverage tasty but it offers a host of health benefits as well.

Feeling low on energy after a hard day’s work? Try drinking coffee. Worried about your high blood pressure? Coffee may be the solution. If taken in moderate quantities, coffee can have amazing benefits for both body and soul.

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Coffee: Surprising Facts

Do you know that the smell of your favourite beverage can wake you up? Are you aware that decaf does not mean caffeine-free? Everyone loves coffee but not many know the truths behind this delicious drink. Read on to discover several surprising fac...

Health Benefit #1: Improves Energy Levels

A cup of brewed coffee contains 108mg of caffeine. So, if you are looking for an energy boost, a strong cup of coffee might just be the tonic for you to be up and moving. Coffee also improves your mood and other aspects of brain function.

Health Benefit #2: Rich Source Of Antioxidants

Everybody, the world over, wants a good cup of hot coffee. And, with good reason too. Coffee is loaded with a number of antioxidants. These help to fight a number of health issues like obesity and even contribute to preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Health Benefit #3: May Combat High Blood Pressure

Do you have a high blood pressure? Taking a cup of coffee every day might help. According to a report by Greek researchers, drinking one to two cups of this beverage may lead to more elastic blood vessels. This leads to a normal flow of the blood,...

Health Benefit #4: Protects Your Liver

Coffee has been related to a number of medical and health benefits. One such benefit is the protection of the liver. Drinking coffee may protect against liver fibrosis, a condition which is characterised by scarring of the liver.

Health Benefit #5: Coffee Improves Exercise Performance

Apart from the instant boost of energy that it provides, coffee can improve your exercise performance to a great extent. The caffeine in coffee enhances muscle contraction strength, which allows more exertion of force over a period of time.

Types Of Coffee In India

Two types of coffee are consumed commonly across the world namely Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee. In India, coffee is primarily consumed in the southern regions but is increasingly consumed across the rest of the country as well. Read on to kno...

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