Having A Favourite Child

Clint Edwards: Is It Ok To Have A Favourite Child?

I have three children ages one, five and eight . Let me begin this by saying that I love all of them. Honestly and truly. However, depending on the stage in life, it would be a lie for me to say that I always like them equally. Right now, for exam...

Why All Parents Have A Favourite Child

In front of me I have two so-called “baby books”, both given to me as presents, in which I was supposed to chronicle the infant achievements of my sons, George and Johnny. George’s has been meticulously filled in: everything from the names of the ...

I Have A Favorite Child. Admit It, So Do You.

Growing up, my brothers shared a room and slept in a bunk bed until they were around 10 years old. At night, my father would tuck them into their bunks, and before leaving the room would say repeatedly, "I love YOU the best!" while he pointed at b...

The Favorite Child: Ellen Weber Libby: 0971489847045: Amazon.Com: Books

"What Libby has done is long overdue. She has developed and expanded on the favorite child complex, a subject that the literature has not given sufficient attention to. The Favorite Child is an invaluable addition to both therapists and lay reader...

21 Signs You're Not The Favourite Child As Illustrated By The Kardashians

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Be Honest, Every Parent Has A Favourite Child... And A New Book Says The Emotional Fallout Can Last A Lifetime

Jeffrey Kluger, a father of two daughters, aged eight and ten, claims that '95 per cent of parents in the world have a favourite child and the other 5 per cent are lying.'

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Having A Favourite Child

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Unspoken truth of parenting: having a favourite child