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Have You Tried Wheatgrass Yet?


Are you looking for a wonder ingredient to include in your healthy diet? Try wheatgrass. This nutrient dense plant is believed to be the cure for many ailments. The antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of wheatgrass are making it a superfood. This health tonic is increasingly used in weight loss therapies. It is very effective for detoxification. Wheatgrass is considered good for controlling cholesterol and it boosts your metabolism too.

Many parents wonder whether wheatgrass is safe for their children. Experts suggest that wheatgrass is safe for children above two years. However, they may not like the grassy taste of it. You can play around with the ingredients and make smoothies with apple, strawberries with some wheatgrass thrown in. 

Flip through the pages of the ClipBook to know more about the benefits of wheatgrass and how to grow the herb at home. Learn how to make juice from wheatgrass. Also read, is wheatgrass safe for your pet? 


50 Amazing Benefits Of Wheatgrass

The taste of wheatgrass is intense. But this list of reasons will help you digest the powerful living green liquid straight into your belly. Here are fifty reasons to drink wheatgrass that could convince even the most grass-averse.

Wheatgrass For Weightloss

Loaded with nutrients and consumed in one tiny shot glass, more and more people are reaching for a daily shot of wheatgrass for its immense health benefits. Wheatgrass is so potent that a one-ounce shot is said to have just as many nutrients as tw...

Wheatgrass For Detoxification

We ingest toxins every day through many small encounters with them in our food, water, and air. The body is constantly filtering and eliminating these toxins. If not eliminated, toxins are stored in the body and surrounded by fat cells to help ins...

Side Effects Of Wheatgrass And Warnings

Wheatgrass is considered a superfood, as it provides a lot of nutrients for few calories. It is related to wheat and looks like hay or straw. Learn more about its benefits and some possible risks of consuming it.

Wheatgrass For Pets

Wheatgrass is the young grass of triticum aestivum or the wheat plant. It can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It is very simple to grow, you can grow wheatgrass at home. You can grow it in a tray of soil. Harvest the leaves before it mat...

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