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Has Technology Hampered Your Child's Physical Health?

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How Technology Affects Children Physically

Lots of parents are concerned about how technology affects children physically. Does technology affect your children’s eyesight? Is it contributing to childhood obesity? Is it responsible for making our kids fat? Lets have a closer look at the phy...

Technology Is Changing The Way Children Think

The effects of technology on children are complicated, with both benefits and costs. Whether technology helps or hurts in the development of your children’s thinking depends on what specific technology is used and how and what frequency it is used.

The Role Of Technology In Child Development

There has been much research and plenty of debate among educators, policy-makers, paediatricians and parents on the benefits and disadvantages of technology over the years. Here are a few of them.

The Media Link To Obesity, Risky Diets

How can your child's media consumption affect her health? It can contribute both to obesity and to eating disorders. Here's how parents can encourage a healthy media diet.

Technology Before Bed: Is Your Kid Losing Sleep?

Studies show children 10 to 13 need nine to 10 hours a night, but get less than eight—can suffer from poor grades and memory loss, says Indra Narang, a respirologist and director of Paediatric Sleep Medicine at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.

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