Harsh Parenting & Child Obesity Risk !

Parents, Don’T Be Too Strict With Your Kids, You’Re Making Them Fat

Being too harsh and authoritative with your children puts them at an increased risk of being obese and suffering poor physical health in adulthood, suggests a recent study. According to researchers, attempts by one parent to counterbalance the har...

Does Harsh Parenting Cause Obesity In Kids?

A new study claims that harsh parenting could also make the child obese later on in life. Though this is surprising to us, researchers claim that the chances of developing obesity and other health problems would increase in children of parents who...

Strict Parenting Controversy

Dr. Drew talks to the Pisciones who have three kids and practice strict parenting methods.And in this additional clip, Dr. Drew addresses 'unschooling', in which ...

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Harsh Parenting & Child Obesity Risk !

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Harsh Parenting May Put Your Child at Obesity Risk