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Handling The Gifted Underachiever


Gifted underachiever sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? As the saying goes, “Everyone is gifted; some just don’t open the package!”

Okay, so the saying partially explains the reason behind this growing tribe of children. Although it seems impossible that a child can be gifted and underachieving at the same time, some children do not perform as well as they could in spite of being highly intelligent and talented.

It comes as a shock to most parents when their highly intelligent child does not live up to his potential in the classroom. According to “Parents of gifted children are often surprised and dismayed when their children underachieve in school. The key to helping an underachiever succeed is understanding the causes of underachievement.”

Poor grades, high expectations, disappointing classroom performance and other factors drain your child of his joy and strength. Often, a learning disability is the culprit. Noticeably more boys fall into this category than girls do. Motivating strategies can turn the situation around for your child.

All sorts of questions might be bombarding your brain at this moment. How can you find the cause for your brilliant child’s failure to perform well at school? How can you motivate your child more? Do you expect perfection or success from your gifted underachiever?

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Parents of gifted children are often surprised when their child underachieves in school. The key to helping is understanding the causes of underachievement.

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