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Handling Sibling Rivalry


It is not unusual to see children frown when they are asked to share something with their siblings. It is a normal part of the relationship between siblings. It isn't just limited to humans, but is found across the animal kingdom, as indicated in an article in the Huffington Post titled '15 Ways to Manage Sibling Rivalry’. 

While it is normal for siblings to compete with each other, excessive rivalry among siblings can have a negative effect on their relationship. It and can lead to increased hostility and fights, and weaken the bonds that exist between them. 

In case you feel that your children look at each other as rivals, then it’s time to make some changes in your parenting style. Alexander Leung and Lane Robson published a study titled ‘Sibling Rivalry’ in the journal Clinical Paediatrics. According to the article, ‘patience, love, understanding, common sense, and humor are important parental skills necessary to minimize sibling rivalry’. 

So, pay individual attention to your children and maintain a neutral parenting style to prevent sibling rivalry at the same time.

Flipping through our ClipBook will provide you with important information on what can cause rivalry among your children and how you can take control of the situation.   


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