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Habits That Weaken A Child's Immunity


A strong immune system is vital to your child’s development. When a child’s immunity is weak, she is extremely vulnerable to several diseases and infections.

Take a closer look at habits that may weaken a child's immunity. An overdose of sugar can destroy your child’s immunity. Lack of sleep and excess fat in the diet are other contributing factors. So, how do you ensure your child's immunity is high?


Why Immunity Is Important For Good Health

The very remedy that can help children get over a bug can also make them sick. Antibiotics indiscriminately kill bacteria, including the friendly ones in the digestive tract that help children fight infections and diseases. To minimise the negativ...

Not Washing Hands

Every day, your child is exposed to germs and bacteria. It can be found everywhere from the toys your kid plays with to the places he goes to and the food he eats. Since he is constantly exposed to these risks, his body needs to be strong and heal...

Eating Junk Food

Parents feel that children are not really affected by food and that childhood is a time of life when kids can eat what they want. Some parents have the mindset that their kids will outgrow their baby fat. What parents need to know is that nutritio...

Too Much Sugar In The Diet

Adding too much sugar to your child’s diet is unhealthy. It reduces the white blood cell count that weakens the immune system. The body's white blood cells are the immune system's most important fighters. Promote healthier eating habits in your ch...

Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep produces physical stress that prevents oxygen from freely circulating in the brain. This results in a weaker immune system, which increases the risk of viral infection. Chronic sleep loss may also place your child at risk to developi...

Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C deficiency, if not treated, can cause further health complications, such as anaemia and scurvy. On the other hand, overdosing on vitamin C can lead to an upset stomach and diarrhoea. Therefore, it is important to give your child the righ...

Not Eating Vegetables And Fruits

The vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables strengthen your child’s immune system and help fight common colds, flu, illnesses and disease. Promote healthier eating habits by adding more fruits and vegetables to their diet.

Not Exercising

Studies show that regular exercise helps boost the immune system by stimulating disease-fighting cells and suppressing stress hormones. Besides, outdoor play time ensures that your child gets the required amount of sunshine for vitamin D formation...

Dehydration In Children

Dehydration is more than just drinking less water. The side effects of being dehydrated involve numerous body systems and symptoms can range from mild to life threatening. Read on to know more.

Decrease Stress

Children’s bodies react the same way as adults to stress and elevated stress hormones can lead to decreased immunity. Nowadays, children are as overstressed as adults thanks to our fast paced, over-scheduled, lives. Having plenty of down time for ...

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