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Gurukula or gurukul (Sanskrit: गुरुकुल) is a type of school in India, residential in nature, with pupils (shishya) living near the guru, often within the same house. 1 Prior to British rule, they served as South Asia's primary educational institut...

Ancient indian learning system gurukul system

The great ancient Indian learning system Gurukul system Vedas dharmas gurus like aryabhata , chanakya etc.

Gurukula: A Family With Difference - An Exposition Of The Ancient Indian System Of Education

Gurukula: A Family with Difference - An Exposition of the Ancient Indian System of Education

Team Temple Project Welcomes You: Gurukula System Vs Modern Education

Very good blog.Pre-eminent authors such as Dr. David Frawley, Shree Bansi Pandit, Swami Harshananda, Shree Atmanandji, Dr. Gangadhar Choudhary etc. have agreed to put their work on this forum for the benifit of the reader. The Gurukula system of ...

How The Gurukul System Of Education Can Make A Difference?

School Shootings, Drug Addiction, overexposure to sex, smoking, alcoholism, raping women, committing suicide at a very young age, showing disrespect towards elders and other people in the society would have been avoided if a system like Gurukul sy...

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“India’s ancient Gurukul system of education upholding the nation’s spiritual values is ‘Plus One’: Narendra Modi... http://t.co/D74PzSS4”

Indian Gurukul, The Future Of Education | Nithyananda Sangha's Official Web Site | Health, Wealth, Relationships, Excellence, Enlightenment, Yoga, Meditation

Today’s (16 May15) Nithya Satsang on Kathopanishad from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda enters into the first Shanti Mantra, peace chant, which sets the context for the whole Indian education system with its unique concept of knowledge transmiss...

Sridhar Vembu On Contextual Education & Gurukul System

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Different Types Of Gurukul In Ancient India

Initially, the gurukul system had the advantage of being egalitarian and fair. The teacher there observed the children's attitude, aptitude and ability, and educated them accordingly. As this was done without the interference from any external sou...

Value Of Gurukul Education

If we speak about education and raising children, then a child needs to stay in the family and in a close relation with mother and father till the age of 8. That is a necessary condition, which will prepare the child for studying in a gurukul unde...

Modern Education Meets Vedic Culture - Sant Asaramji Gurukul

Gurukul - Vidyaarthio ke Ujjwal Nirmaan mein PrayatanRat ! Gurukul kaa Sandesh, Aao Banaye Samrudh Bharat Desh To Watch FREE LIVE Webcast of Sant Shri Ashara...

Return To The Gurukul Way | Review | Nepali Times

Rajarshi Gurukul, a primary school located in Bhaktapur, is focused on having the basics right while also offering modern amenities and teaching aids. Breaking away from conventional, rote-learning education system, Gurkul wants its students to le...

Is Gurukula Education Suitable For India

A few days ago, there was an article in the Hitavada, by Mr. Chaitanya Hazarey, praising highly the 'gurukul system' of education, condemning the British system of education now prevalent in India, and attributing to the present system of educatio...

Get Set Go India

Gurukul System is the age-old system adopted in ancient Indian, where the student resides with the teacher , doing service and simultaneously gaining knowledge. The Guru (teacher), was a guide, father and role-model. The Gurukul system was followe...

Sehwag International School: Importance Of Boarding Schools

Sehwag International school (SIS), Jhajjar is a private secondary school, promoted by Indian cricketer Mr Virender Sehwag. It is a boarding and day-boarding Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)-affiliated co-educational school, situated in ...

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Gurukul System Of Education

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