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Growing Up In A Nuclear Family


A nuclear family is defined as a family with a couple (parents) and the children dependent on them. It is usually limited to 2-3 children and doesn’t have other members of the family including grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Couples prefer to have a nuclear family for being able to give individual attention to each child in the family. But, it has its own pros and cons when compared with a joint family.

When people who grew up in a small family wish to be in a joint family, the kids in a joint family craves the attention, love and care that a single child receives in a nuclear family. Nuclear family offers a stable environment in the upbringing of the children. It enables the parenting to be single channelled unlike joint families, where each child is parented by several people.

According to an article titled, ‘Children in Nuclear Families: Stronger, Smarter, Better?’ published in the website SecureTeen in 2013, “Children who grow up in the nurturing environment of both the parents are known to display a lot more consistency and stability in their lives and professions. They form closer bonds with friends and family members and this is why they prove to be more productive in their social circles and communities in general. Such children also tend to be more confident and out-going and are usually quite popular in their circle of friends and colleagues. The traditional nuclear family has a positive impact on how kids are raised.”

If you’re a parent wanting to keep a balance between the advantages offered by both the types of family, read the ClipBook for expert opinions and a better understanding of the pros and cons of a nuclear family. 


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