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More than 20 years of academic research consistently demonstrates the fact that studying in groups helps student learn more effectively. Doing group studies or having a study partner can have numerous benefits on not just your child’s learning aptitude, but also her academic performances.

An article in getcollegecredit.com enumerates the many pros of group studies. “Group study allows for varied views, insights and information to be shared in one place. That sharing creates an open discussion and enhances your thinking skills. Students who study together tend to share notes and other class materials, building and broadening your understanding of the subject.”

In addition to this, studying in group also facilitates more motivation, less procrastination and increased retention. Keeping these pointers in mind, the next time your child asks permission to have her friends over or asks to go to one of her classmates’ house for a group study session, don’t hesitate as much.

However, despite what researches suggest, group studies is not necessarily the best mode there is. Every student has her own distinctive learning habits and preferences, and only in that certain study environment, her learning is most effective. So while your child is figuring out what studying pattern works best for her to improve her grades, be supportive and not restraining.

This ClipBook gives you a more comprehensive outlook of group studies and how it can help or harm your child’s academic performance.


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Studying in groups helps students learn more effectively. More than 20 years of academic research has consistently demonstrated that fact. But what exactly is it about studying with other people that make it so effective?

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A partner will come up with new strategies that incorporate active study. The more active you are, the more information you remember during test time.

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