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Gross Motor Skills For Preschoolers


Parents love to see their child grow up. But as the child grows, parents also need to ensure that she is physically and mentally fit to face the future. Gross motor skills are an important part of a child’s development that parents must pay attention to. These skills are essential to maintain a good posture, move body parts, participate in daily activities like games and sports, etc. Gross motor skills continue to develop and improve with age and are crucial for good health and well-being. According to an article in oureverydaylife.com, ‘Gross motor competency can help your preschool child to move more easily and avoid developmental delays, have confidence in her abilities and can give her health benefits as she stays active’.

Therefore, parents should be aware of the developmental milestones that a child should achieve for her age to better monitor her physical development. Some of the skills that parents should watch out for include the ability to walk and run comfortably, pedal and steer a tricycle, assemble simple puzzles, copy simple shapes, etc.

It is also important for parents to reinforce development and encourage progress in areas that the child is lacking. There are ways by which parents can promote the development of gross motor skills in their children like: providing space to do activities like running, climbing etc., toys that help in large muscle development, the opportunity to practice craftwork and going for regular paediatric exams. So parents, join your children in active play and help them develop those large and small muscles.

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