Google : Teaches Animal Sounds

Google Search Lets You Hear Animal Calls Directly From Search Results

Google Search has got two new features. Google now lets you hear the defining calls of animals, and cast votes on certain contest shows, directly from search results. Now you can simply learn how an animal sounds directly from a card shown in the ...

Google Can Now Teach You What A Raccoon Sounds Like

A new search option revealed by Google allows users to play the sounds made by pigs, dogs and bowhead whales. Typing in the phrase "animal sounds" brings up clips from 19 beasts. Real animals, including an elephant, a horse and a cat, were recorde...

Google Can Now Teach Your Kids Animal Sounds – Tech2

Internet giant Google has released a new feature that will enable parents to teach children about different noises that animals make. A quick search for “animal noises” on Google returns illustrations of animals, their names and a sample of what s...

A New Way To Waste Time On The Internet: Google Now Makes Animal Noises

oogle describes its mission as a company to "organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful". That now apparently extends to making animal noises. Searching for "what noise does a [animal] make" and you will now get...

Animal Sounds For Kids

Voices of the majority of pets for children.The kids see their photos and hear their sound.Reading children will read the names of animals.

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Google : Teaches Animal Sounds

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Google can now teach your kids animal sounds