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Good Work Ethics To Teach Your Child


Success is always a result of hard work and a never-say-die attitude. But, how can you ensure that your child puts in his best in whatever he does? Of course, by teaching him good work ethics. 

But what are strong work ethics? The idea behind the phrase ‘work ethic’ is that the ability to work hard is a reflection of good moral values. Therefore, an individual who has a good ‘work ethic’ is also someone who is mindful and dedicated.

Many parents wish that their children display good work ethics, whether is about completing assignments for school or doing something else. Having good work ethics also goes a long way in ensuring success. It can also be used as a marker to measure how much success an individual can achieve in life. For, everyone likes to reward those who do their job well.

But do you know what good work ethics are or how you can help your child learn them? Do not fret! In this ClipBook, we introduce you to some key work ethics and tips on how you can instil them in your child. 



Being responsible is not only an important work ethic, but also an important value to have for life. After all, in every sphere of life, an individual needs to be responsible. Make your child understand what it means to be responsible and how it w...


It is not easy to stick to the right path when we see that those around us are resorting to unfair mains to make personal gains. The temptation to act in a dishonest manner becomes hard to resist and a few of us give in. Instilling in your child t...

Team Spirit

Allies play an important role in ensuring success. For, it’s not possible for a one individual to do everything. That’s one of the reasons that we work in teams. It’s important to foster a sense of healthy team spirit and the ability to get along ...

Being Organised

Having schedules, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and efficient processes in place can make a huge difference in how work gets done. Not to mention, it would help your child plan her studies better too, so that she’s not trying to cram...


There are a lot of roadblocks that can come in the way of work. While some of these may not be easy to manoeuvre around, there are some that can be overcome with having a strong willpower. This is because willpower allows us to continue despite ob...

Ways To Teach Your Child Good Work Ethics

Having talked about some of the most important work ethics, how can you ensure that your child imbibes those values. Here are a few tips to inspire your child and develop in him strong work ethics...

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