Glorious Four Years Of Vishwa Vidyapeeth

The Birth Of An Era

C.S.Education Trust was founded on <br>29th October 2011, in fond memory of <br>Late Smt. Chandramma and Late Sri. Y. Subba Raju, two noble souls with the primary aim of imparting quality education to students and to serve the humanity at large.

C. S. Education Trust has a strong guiding philosophy to impart education to students from all walks of life, along with creating a bond and commitment amongst academic and non-academic employees.

⦿The ethos of the Trust is marked by a spirit of indigenous enterprise. <br>⦿The Trust aims to create a close knit student community to help them attain all-round development and become successful citizens.

Why Vishwa Vidyapeeth?

विद्या ददाती विनयं विनयाद्याति पात्रताम् |<br>पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्रोति धनाधर्मं ततः सुखम् ||<br><br>“Education gives Humility,&nbsp;<br>Humility gives Character,&nbsp;<br>from character one gets wealth,&nbsp;<br>from wealth one attains righteousness,<br>in rig...

Why Vishwa Vidyapeeth?

We believe that education is essential in everyone’s lives and felt the need to start a school not only to educate children, but to inculcate DISCIPLINE which should be the core in everyone’s life. <br><br>As a first step towards this goal, the Tr...

Meaning Of Vishwa Vidyapeeth

“Vishwa” means Universe<br> “Vidya” means Education <br>“Peeth” means sacred place<br>Together the name stands for "the sacred place" for attaining education.

As the name suggests, Vishwa Vidyapeeth is ‘a revered place for education’<br>– A place one where one can provide the best education possible in a perfect ambiance<br> – A place where a student eventually masters the knowledge that a guru embodies.

Colour Code Of Vishwa Vidyapeeth

The colour code of the school is ‘Terracotta’. It is associated with the colour of Mother Earth. Red-Brown is usually obtained from clay and is therefore associated with healing. It also symbolizes sacrifice and bravery.

The three steps in the logo depict the ascend towards the final goal which is the Peeth or the Sacred place.

Name Of Vishwa Vidyapeeth

The School name has two parallel lines at both ends to symbolize being akin to Sanskrit shlokas. Our logo symbolizes that we aim to help your child achieve global success.

Teaching At Vishwa Vidyapeeth

Children are like soft clay and just like moulding a pot, you can shape the child’s potential when the clay is soft and wet i.e. his initial days at school. You have to apply sustained pressure over time in the way of dedicated coaching and persev...

Once the clay is dry, it is impossible to change its shape and hence we need to teach them in a proper way right from a very early age. Similar is the role of our teachers at Vishwa Vidyapeeth.

The End

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Glorious Four Years Of Vishwa Vidyapeeth

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