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Girl Stars - Stories Of Change

Going to School


Garbage, Garbage Everywhere, But Who Can See It?

“I don’t like being dependent but without people with you it’s very difficult to go far.” Rupal, age 13 years

Let The Games Begin

“People must understand that girls should be allowed to play just like boys. Games have to be part of school, I’m going to make sure games become part of our timetable again.” Neeru, age 15

In Search Of Heroes, The Other Sister

Sanjana loves to read, go to school, read stories on Saturdays and paint. If you ask her who she thinks is great, first, she’ll say, her father who is the mukhiya of the village and has tried his best to develop all five villages under his watch. ...

Meet The Inspired Teacher

One afternoon, our Master Trainer Sarwat received a phone call and had an extended, hearty and enthusiastic conversation with the school teacher, Mrs. Sangeeta Sinha, She had apparently just called to tell Sarwat that she, while going though the T...

Women And Girls Driving Change

Ruchi and Nitin set out on a 40 day trip. One day, they went to Yavatmal and discovered something that everything was a little bit upside down (in a good way). There seemed to be women driving everywhere. Kalpana, drives a red tractor, while just ...

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