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Getting Your Child To Tidy Up

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Get Your Toddler To Clean Up

Get your kids to clean up with this simple idea. If your kids leave something out, it goes in toy jail. If they want to get it back they have to do a chore to retrieve it or, for theme-sake, a “bail bond”. This solution might just work with your k...

Why It's Important To Teach Children To Pack Up

Sometimes, getting children to tidy up is more of an effort than just doing it ourselves, but here are some reasons why it’s important to teach children to tidy up.

Tips To Get Your Child To Clean Their Room

Teaching our kids how to keep their stuff in order, whether they have a room or a corner of their own, puts important deposits in their bank of skills for being a grownup.

How Parents Teach Children To Tidy Up Toys

Some child psychologists say the way we communicate cleanup time can have a big impact on results. Studies point to children’s innate desire to be helpers, says Richard Rende, a developmental psychologist in Phoenix who was recently commissioned t...

Get Your Child To Clean Up Their Own Mess

Asking a child to clean up a spill or a mess can easily turn into a power struggle. The problem with that is that children are very observant. They’ve been watching you and your reactions to things for years. In fact, during the first five years o...

5 Secrets You Should Teach Your Child To Clean Up

If you teach your children how to clean and why cleaning is important, then it would give them a sense of responsibility along with personality development. It is a good time to teach them as it would, later, be less stressful for you too. This is...

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