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Getting Involved In Children's Schooling


In today’s complex and competitive world, it takes more than good, quality school to educate our children. In fact, one might even suggest that it takes more than a good home. It takes the combined efforts of these two institutions to fully educate our children.

So, how do parents involve themselves in their children’s schooling apart from the occasional helping with homework or school project? As a parent, how involved are you in your child’s schooling?

According to an article titled Parent Involvement in Schools published in educationworld.com, a parent’s involvement is much more than just the basic parent conferences and PTO’s.

Parents are the prime educators of their children till the time the children start attending school. According to parents.education.govt.nz, most children showed improvement in their education if there was a strong connection between their school and home. Being interested in your child’s education also shows your children that their education is important for you and thus, it becomes important to them as well.

Similarly, in an article titled Back to school: How parent involvement affects student achievement, published in centerforpubliceducation.org, Joyce Epstein, Director of the Johns Hopkins University, Center on School, Family and Community Partnerships, says “Effective parent involvement comes when a true partnership exists between schools and families. Creating that partnership, especially around academics, is what works for student achievement.”

Remember, parental involvement does affect student achievement. To know more about how you can help contribute to your child’s schooling, please go through the pages of this ClipBook.


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