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Science Says - Gender Neutral Toys

This week my daughter came home from foraging in the backyard with a tiny red car that belonged to the kid next door.She was driving it across all available surfaces, going vroom vroom. And I thought, why haven’t I bought her a car as one of the m...

On Gender Neutral Parenting

I was waiting at the apartment gate for my kids to arrive. There were two other moms waiting for their kids’ school bus, who were in a different school. We began chatting with each other about the children’s schedules, schools and the like.

Gender Rules!!

It is a baby………….??? BOY!!! Congratulations!! Now, being the mother of a baby “BOY” you should know: When decorating “HIS” room, you can use BLUE colour on the walls, BLUE curtains, BLUE bed sheets, and so on, but, NO not PINK!!! He can play with ...

Talking About Private Parts To A Four Year Old

A four year old milestone is understanding sexual differences. My daughter started noticing the differences long back but getting too vocal now. Her school is introducing private parts etc. at first I was aghast but it seems like they need to know.

The Transformation

Girls typically from the age of 2 years to 10 years are totally smitten and completely adore the Disney princess and Barbies in various Disney costumes. My girl is no exception. Suddenly we are invaded with aliens, cars and planes in the toy room...

Her Way To My Way: How My Parenting Differs From My Mother's!

My mother and I often connect as two mothers from different generations. Girls and boys were and are raised differently. In India of 1980’s when I was growing, mothers had different strata in the society depending whether they had daughters or son...

Why Indian Boys Need To Be Taught Equality

R’s Mom and Vidhya discuss why Gender Equality is just as important as teaching women to be independent!

Why Are There No Girl Presidents, Amma ?

My 5 yr old daughter was holding a 10$ bill the other day and asked me who is this guy on the money, Amma. A past President of the United States, I said. She said – “You mean the guy before Obama.” I said, “Sure” Pondering a bit she got back to m...

The Curious Case Of The Stay At Home Dad

I had heard rumors of this but never knew they existed, the stay at home dad. Till I met two families where the dad works from home or stays at home and helps with the wife’s business and manages the children.

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