Gel : Cure For Children's Ear Infections

New Antibiotic Gel May Cure Ear Infections In Children

A single dose of a bioengineered gel, developed by US researchers, could deliver a full course of antibiotic therapy for a common childhood ear infection, a preclinical study has found. Middle-ear infection, or otitis media, is an ear infection th...

Antibiotic Gel May Tackle Ear Infection In Children: Study

New Delhi: Ear infection is the second most commonly diagnosed childhood illness after common cold. Severe ear pain, trouble sleeping and fever are the most common symptoms of this infection. It occur when fluid get trapped behind child's eardrum....

Chinchilla Research Leads To Breakthrough In Treating Kids' Earaches

New animal research suggests a single application of an antibiotic gel into the ear might one day offer kids and parents an easier way to treat bacterial ear...

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Gel : Cure For Children's Ear Infections

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New antibiotic gel may cure ear infections in children