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Games To Play With Your Baby

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Imagine this: You are sitting with your baby and the little one starts crying. What do you do? Instead of panicking, you can start playing some games with your baby that will guarantee both of you have a great time together.

Parents can play simple games with the babies that will enhance the development of their brains. Infant-stimulation games consist of activities that stimulate the senses of the baby and help jumpstart her intellectual as well as her physical learning. in its article “10 Fun Games for Baby’s First Year” has listed certain games that you can play to help your baby have fun, bond with you and learn about the world. These games include Peek-a-Boo With Baby, Dance Around, Patty Cake, Where’s Your Nose?, Rhyme Time and Baby Has a Ball.

Games are not only meant for the physical development of the baby but for mental growth as well. has laid down some ideas for encouraging your baby to learn and play such as gently clapping your baby’s hands together, gently moving your baby’s legs as if pedalling a bicycle and using a favourite toy for your baby to focus on and follow.

Remember, game time for kids can be more than just fun and games. If chosen carefully, certain games can help in the overall development of your growing baby. Want to know more? Click through the pages of this ClipBook.


Playing With Your Baby Makes Her Smart

Play simple games with your baby that enhance the development of her brain. Infant stimulation games consist of activities that stimulate her senses and jumpstart her intellectual as well as physical learning.

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