Gakken Classroom For Maths

Gakken Math Classroom

Gakken Classroom is the largest market share in the Japanese after-school learning industry where children learn primary maths. Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd was established on 31st March 1946. After establishment of Gakken in 1946, we have experienced...

Now In India !

Gakken Classroom is helping millions of students world-wide develop self-motivated learning and attitude, which is the greatest challenge of contemporary parents, teachers and the students themselves.

About Us : Gakken Classroom

The founder, Hideto Furuoka sums up his vision and values as follows; Considering Gakken is originally a book publisher, our role virtually finishes when our books are sold. Therefore, we never know how children read and use the books. However, in...

Develops In Students Invisible Abilities

Gakken Classroom prioritizes and gives shape to the “desire to learn” and develops in students invisible abilities like concentration, logical thinking, good judgement, patience and passion.

Gakken Math Classroom

Working through a variety of diverse problems and accumulating success experiences results in the acquisition of skills to learn on one's own. The experience of successfully solving problems all on one's own builds confidence and encourages self-i...

Person-To-Person Communication

Gakken Classroom, through person-to-person communication, facilitates students to acquire the skills to think about how to reach the answer. Further, it supports and fosters the habit of learning, imagination, creativeness and other abilities requ...

News And Events : Opening In Chennai.

Gakken Japan Math Classroom now in India. The first branch of Gakken India comes to Chennai Adyar, Chennai. Now provide better methodology in maths to your little masters. 87.1% know it very well or have heard of "Gakken Classroom in japan". 85...

Provides Guidance That Is Personalized

Gakken Classroom provides guidance that is personalized to match each child’s academic ability. Each student is diagnosed and analyzed to understand the level of ability and understanding. Accordingly, personalized worksheets are provided to impro...

Students Achieve A “Zest For Living”

Gakken Classroom helps students achieve a “Zest for Living” by improving the Fundamental Academic Ability, Character and Health. When Fundamental Academic Ability is improved, students become better at understanding problems and self-learning. The...

Role Of Gakken Classroom

1. Enhance Fundamental Academic ability: Acquire Fundamental Academic ability properly. 2. Support for Learning at Home: Getting in the regular habit of learning

Classroom Philosophy

Gakken Classroom wish to bring "Joy of learning", "Confidence" & "zest for Living" to Children.

Gakken Math Classroom

The best part of being an instructor is seeing children grow and bloom The instructor’s task is to watch over each child and give them the support they need. Being able to watch children grow and bloom is what makes teaching such a fulfilling job

Gakken Math Classroom

The Gakken method of Self-learning emphasis the students worksheets and correct their own mistakes independently. The worksheets have been designed in such a way that allows students to figure out how to solve problems on their own. The sample sum...

How Gakken Is Unique ?

Gakken Classroom provides learning at one's own pace, without comparison, competition or grading.

Guardian's Voice :

* Good learning materials and Indivdual learning * Proceed learning next step only after understanding * Helpful for School learning * Reasonable fee / Free learning materials * Focusing on the communication

Free !!!

Bring your child to Gakken Classroom for a FREE diagnosis and help your child experience the “Joy of Learning”, develop “Confidence” and “Zest for Living”.

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Gakken Classroom For Maths

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Gakken Classroom is the largest market share in the Japanese after-school learning industry where children learn primary maths