Gadgets To Safeguard Children

10 Gadgets And Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe

From GPS monitoring to devices to smoke alarms that use the parents' voices as alerts, these are the top tech tools to keep your kids safe.

Tech Now: These Gadgets Can Keep Your Kids Safe

It doesn't matter if your child is heading off to kindergarten or college, it's perfectly natural for us, as parents, to worry when we send our kids off to school. From cyber-bullies to guns and violence, what

14 Gadgets To Keep You Safe This Summer

These gadgets will keep you and your family safe from whatever summer throws your way.

Gadgets To Keep Your Child Safe & Healthy | Gadget Guide For Parents

Here's a look at seven gadgets aimed at improving kids' health, along with expert tips for what parents may want to consider when making a purchase.

10 Gadgets And Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe

As every parent knows, it's a dangerous world out there. Whether it's a pedophile lurking in the aisles at Walmart, a cyber bully on Facebook or a case of SIDs that strikes in the crib, your child is in danger at every age.

Child Protection Devices | Devices, Alarms And Other Gadgets

With child protection and child safety being a consistent issue in modern society, there are new child protection devices, alarms and other gadgets on the market every day.

Keep Your Kids Safe With A New Tech Gadget: Five Things Parents Should Do | The Momiverse

We’re well into the countdown to Christmas. Santa’s elves need help, so you may have asked your children to create a holiday wish list. If your kids are like

Cool Gadgets To Keep Your Kids Safe

For many adults starting a family is a huge priority and once that family gets started, keeping everybody protected and safe becomes even a bigger pri

Halloween Safety Gadgets To Entertain Kids - Today Halloween Guide - Today.Com

Halloween is just around the corner! Before you begin trick-or-treating, consider ghoulish goodies, like a smart child locator device, a ghost detector, electric scooters and more.

Guardian Uses Bluetooth Low Energy Tech To Keep Your Child Safe | Techcrunch

Despite the best efforts of vigilant parents, small children are like magicians with their ability to slip away unnoticed. BeLuvv, a startup in Taiwan, has..

Child Safety Gadgets For Child Protection. Safety Objects For Children.

Get Child Safety Gadgets for enhanced child protection. We have a nice selection of useful safety objects for children. Now, you can maintain a high level of safety when children play and give yourself peace of mind. Get CCTV, stun guns, pepper sp...

Parents, This Gadget Is More Than Just A Colorful Watch For Kids

Parents worried about the whereabouts of their children may soon have their fears alleviated by a new wearable GPS device designed specifically for youngsters. The folks at the tech startup hereO have designed miniature watches intact with what ...

Guardian - A Small Accessory That Keeps Your Children Safe | Blog - The Gadget Flow

Johnny Fong knows the panic that ensues when a parent loses a child in a crowd. When the Taiwanese developer briefly lost his son in a busy shopping mall,

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Gadgets To Safeguard Children

Balakrishnan ViswanathanBalakrishnan Viswanathan
Using technology to ensure the safety and security of our children is the smart thing to do in this day and age.