Gadgets That Changed The World

New Glasses Transform The Way Colorblind People See The World

This special eyewear is giving many a new outlook. EnChroma, a company in Berkeley, California, has created colorblindness correcting glasses, which allow those who are colorblind to see hues they may have never experienced before. While the sungl...

18 Amazing Geeky Kitchen Gadgets And Gear Ideas To Impress Your Friends

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7 Amazing Gadgets, Accessories That Might Change The World - Techeblog

Sure, not all of these may be useful for everyone, but there are at least a few that would be game changers, such as the iTouchless bag reasler. Or, for those who still find themselves reading physical books and magazines more so than their digita...

Community Post: Exact Colour Of A Leaf, Exact Colour Of An Apple

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Cool Solar Powered Inventions That Will Change The World

Cool solar powered stuff. Life changing and convenient, this solar powered gear is fun and inventive. Admire the solar power products and diy solar panels

The 10 Technologies That Changed The World, And The Industries That Were Left Behind | Visual.Ly

Kodak invented the digital camera, then kept it "hidden" as they didn’t want to cannibalize their existing business model (their huge film profit ba

20 Gadgets That Changed The World - Photos - Washington Times

See the top inventions that changed the way we live. Playboy announced the end of an era - the magazine announced it will no longer feature pictures of nude women. Tattoos are more popular than ever, but don’t let your kids get something like this...

101 Gadgets That Changed The World

NASA astronauts have used it to make repairs on the moon and in space. The MythBusters built a boat and held a car together with the stuff. Brookhaven National Laboratory fixed their particle accelerator with it. And enthusiasts have used it to ma...

19 Gadgets That Changed The World - Informationweek

The personal computer debuted in the 1970s, but the 1984 introduction of the Macintosh set the standard for how they would operate from then on. A Mac-like computer had debuted a year earlier -- the Lisa -- but at nearly $10,000, it was a flop. At...

Photos: Top 25 Gadgets That Changed The World

Cellphones. Computers. Radios. Which gadgets have changed the world? Here are the top 25 things, according to the editors of popularmechanics.com. To be eligible for consideration, the item had to be something that people could hold in their hand...

Top 12 Gadgets That Changed The World

Christopher L. Sholes created the modern-day keyboard. In the 1870s he studied letter-pair frequency and came up with what we now know as the QWERTY keyboard. In 1874, the Remington Standard 2 typewriter became the first to use this keyboard and t...

Ten Gadgets That Changed The World

The 7th edition of Gadget Show Live, which is scheduled to take place from 8-12 April, 2015, will feature the latest from the world of gadgets. Let’s take a look at some of the mind-boggling machines that have made our life easier.

7 Gadgets That Changed The World

Gadgets that changed the world by revolutionizing how we live.

Top 10 Modern Gadgets That Changed Our Lives - Listverse

It is impossible to deny, that we are now well and truly in the digital age. Resistance is futile. Ambitious, if slightly extraordinary concepts in films such as Tron, Blade Runner, Back to the Future and more recently I, Robot, gave us a ‘glimpse...

Gadgets That Changed The World

When you hear the word “pork,” don’t think “fat.” Depending on how you prepare pork, it can be a healthy source of protein that won’t break your budget or put pressure on your belt. A 4-oz. pork chop serves up about 230 calories, which won’t put m...

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Gadgets That Changed The World

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