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Gadget & Screen Addictions

Aparna Balasundaram

Nowadays, children spend a considerable amount of time with technical devices such as television, laptop, mobile phone, and tablet. Although it is nice to embrace technology and stay updated with the latest advancements, getting addicted to these devices is certainly not right. When it comes to children, we can often find them spending a lot of time with these devices, connected to social networks, watching videos, chatting with friends or engrossed in playing video games. Most children now spend so much time with technical devices that they hardly find time to spend with family. Some are so addicted that they even compromise on sleep. If your children feel restless without their favourite device, it’s a sign that they are addicted.

According to a number of research reports and surveys, children nowadays are suffering from various physical and emotional health problems due to addiction to technical devices. The compulsion to remain sedentary while using most devices is causing problems like back pain, weak eyesight, obesity, insomnia, and injuries caused by overuse of the upper limbs. It also leads to poor social skills and academic performance, as children’s minds are always occupied with what they are doing on their devices. Connecting to the Internet through these devices also makes them susceptible to cybercrimes.

'Most parents are clueless,' says Victor Strasburger, an American paediatrician, adolescent medicine expert and Professor of Paediatrics at the University of New Mexico. 'They have no idea about media effects.' By limiting screen time and offering educational media and non-electronic formats such as books, newspapers and board games, you can help your child manage her exposure to devices and stop her addiction.

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