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Funny Baby Videos

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10 Funny Moments

A great compilation of some of the funniest baby moments ever!! A must-watch for all you baby lovers.

Who Will Have The Last Laugh?

Cute, cuddly and cherubic... these babies will steal your heart! Watch them laugh and giggle!

To Cry Or Not?

This baby has no idea whether to laugh or cry. As daddy tries his best to make her laugh, she goes back and forth. Check the video to know more...

Sadie Doesn't Want Her Brother To Grow Up

Sadie is just so upset that her baby brother will be all grown up soon. In this adorable video she laments about how he is so cute and how she does not want him to grow up!

This Baby Is Moved By The Song

This baby is amazing. When his mother sings him a song, he cries to the emotion in the song in a way that shows that he is really moved by the song.

Babies Annoying Dogs

These babies are having a whale of a time goofing around with their pets. A round of applause for these brave dogs!

They Are Cute When They Laugh

These babies are hysterical!!! Go ahead, we challenge you not to laugh.

Funny Moments With The Babies

Aren't babies a hoot??? Watch, enjoy and spread the joy!

Who Is The Funniest Of Them All?

These babies are a riot!! The parents surely have a sense of humor!

Baby Eating Birthday Cake

This baby girl just loves cake. This is probably where the phrase 'to have your cake and eat it too' came from! Click on the video and enjoy!

The Watermelon Baby

There is nothing better than a cool slice of watermelon on a hot summer day as evident in this video of an 8 month old eating a watermelon on Memorial Day weekend...

Babies Laughing While Sleeping

Wonder what these babies are dreaming of to make them laugh so much in their sleep. This is one incredibly funny compilation.

Babies Are Fun, Indeed!

These babies are a riot! Watch and enjoy!

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