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Funniest Excuses Made By Children


Children can say some unbelievable things, especially when they are trying to come up with justifications for what they did. From not wanting to drink milk to sleeping alone in their bed to display of bad behaviour, children can make excuses for almost anything.

But, do you know why children make excuses? 

They usually do so to shift the blame for what they have done or justify their behaviour or not take responsibility. 

Children begin making excuses when they begin learning that they can get away by shifting the blame. Gradually, with time, they begin to understand that excuses help them get what they want, and make it a habit.

Learning to make excuses comes naturally to children. While it is important for parents to help children understand that making excuses is not a good habit, some of the excuses given by children can make us fall over laughing.

Our ClipBook lists some of the funniest excuses that children have made.  


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