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Fun Ways To Teach Your Child Colours

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Colours are a significant part of how we look at the world (at least the non-colour-blind or bling among us) because they are one of the most noticeable features to our eyes. They even add to the aesthetic appeals of objects when used effectively.

We even tend to have colours we like more and colours we like less. Some people even make it a point to have most of their belongings to be of their favourite colour. Your child can see colours even if he doesn’t know their names or can’t always differentiate amongst them. Helping your child learn colours will allow him to develop a better sense of colours. This would be good as learning colours is an important stepping stone to developing cognitive skills. For example, through recognition of colours, your child can describe the world with some more details and even get better at abilities to categorize, organize and sort.

This ClipBook talks about different methods through which you could teach your child colours and provides one or more examples which you can use. So go through this ClipBook to find out what these creative and fun ways to teach your child colours are.


Colouring Games!

You can fill your child’s world with colours by getting her to play these colouring games, which will teach her about colours and also be fun. Games are good ways to introduce children to colour because they tend to be engaging and fun.

Color Mixing Activities

Mixing colours can be a great way for your child to explore colours and how they change when combined with other colours. It would be a very engaging activity as colours will change right in front of your child’s eyes.

Colouring Books

What better way to learn about colours than using them? You could get your child some colouring books and crayons so that he can attempt to colour by himself. This would also be an exercise in choosing which colours suit which objects and shapes ...

Colour Sorting Activities

Practising sorting colours would allow your child to differentiate among the colours and learn which shades belong to what colour, (e.g. dark green being a type of green and not blue).

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