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Fun Ways To Teach Geography


Geography is an interesting subject. You can make learning geography entertaining for children by introducing fun teaching tools. One of the first lessons of geography that almost every child learns early on is the names of different countries, states and capitals.

A fun way of teaching your children some simple geographical facts is through interactive board games. There are some interesting games available to teach children facts about different countries, capitals, monuments etc. You can try a game like ‘Name That Country’. According to kidworldcitizen.org, ‘Name That Country’ has a world map and spinner built in, with cards that teach locations, capital cities, landmarks, and important facts about countries around the world.

You can also design your own ‘match your capital’ game. For example, you can challenge your children to learn the names of ten capitals and state them in alphabetical order after five minutes.

Another fun way of teaching geography to children is through apps like ‘Stack the Countries’. According to kidsstoppress.com, “This app helps you learn country capitals, landmarks, locations and much more. Kids get the opportunity to learn about the flags, country shapes, languages and border countries.” Crapoks: Geo Atlas is also another wonderful app to teach children aged 9–11 about countries, capitals and other geographical facts.

You can make learning geography more engaging by adding facts related to currency and flags, and also trivia about countries.

For more interesting ideas on teaching geography, you can refer to the resources provided in this ClipBook. 


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