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Fun Toddler Activities


Toddlers are at a stage, when they are brimming with energy and it is for the parents to channelise this energy productively. Toys and books are fine but it is a good idea to design innovative games for the little ones, which will keep them engaged and also help in their development. 

From making binoculars with paper rolls and indoor basketball to box cars and table tents, this ClipBook gives you some out-of-box activity ideas for toddlers that promote learning through play. Check it out.          


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Is your child hooked to the mobile phone? Check out these creative games to prevent him from becoming a couch potato. Nowadays, most children prefer to idle for hours on end at home, gorging on ice-cream, colas and juices. And, before you know it...

Indoor Basketball

Can't get the family outside? This game is great to play indoors on a rainy day and will keep the kids entertained for hours. It will also help with their hand-eye coordination.

Balloon Game

Looking for great party games? Balloon bop is a great balloon game for kids of all ages. Party games not only help pass the time, the keep the kids smiling.

Table Tent

This great art and craft activity will bring loads of fun for kids as they create their own place and play underneath their cool looking table tent.

Bear Paper Bag Puppet

Making your own puppets is a great way to get your child involved in a simple imaginative play. This bear paper bag puppet is easy to make and can be varied slightly to make any other animal you like.

Make Play Binoculars

Enlighten your child's artistic ability and make a pair of play binoculars. It is a project that children of all ages will love to make.

Leaping Lilly Pads

Who knew a pile of socks could be so much fun for kids? Leaping lily pads is a great family game to play before the folding of the socks is complete!

Box Car Game

This great art and craft activity is so much fun for kids. They will have hours of enjoyment with this cardboard car as they pretend to have fun.

Craft A Silver Foil Crown

This impressive jeweled crown is fabulous for dress-ups and all sorts of imaginative play. Get your child to decorate it however they wish. It works best as a pretty silver crown for a Rapunzel dress up.

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