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Fun Things For Children To Do With Their Grandparents


Grandparents and grandchildren share a unique and everlasting bond. They are sources of unconditional love and dependency to each other. Grandparents often favour the little ones the way parents will never do. Hence, the liberty and love they receive makes the relationship much stronger.

Studies show that the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents reduces depression and stress in both. This relationship may, however, change with regards to the maturity of the child, separation or relocation. It is said that children who live with their grandparents get positive psychological benefits from the bond.  

Children these days are actively involved in gadgets and may not spend much time with family and grandparents. Here are a few ideas that can help your parents bond with your child again. Read on to know more...


Cook It Up!

Who says cooking cannot be fun? Share your kitchen with your little munchkins and bake or cook their favourite dishes. Try no-fire recipes and baking recipes with your grandchildren. Give children the freedom to mess up the kitchen, roll dough and...

Share Family History

Stories and grandparents are like chocolate to kids. They get excited to listen to family history, stories about their parents and their childhood. Family tales are neverending and always attracts the kids.

Go Hiking!

Hiking has never been a bad idea for a short holiday. Grandparents can take their grandkids on hikes for an adventurous weekend. It is a great way to enlighten them about nature and reveal interesting facts about it. Apart from the physical challe...

Teach Them Your Hobbies

Sharing your hobbies with your grandchildren is a way to keep them engaged, nurture a new skill and spend quality time with them. Children are so involved in video games and outdoor games, that things like knitting and gardening may seem interesti...

Reading Together

Grandparents are great storytellers. They are slow, dramatic and patient. Spend time reading out some of your own classics or comics of their choice. You can also take kids to the bookstore and help them pick up books you feel will be a good read.

Board Games

Board games are a great save from blunt conversations. you can play a variety of board games that help strategy building in kids. These games help both the elderly and the children to have an active mind.

Outdoor Games

Take a break from their tablets and smartphones, take your grandchildren out to play. Teach them the various games you used to play in your childhood. Games like will keep the kids after from gadgets and help you have some exercise

Handwritten Letters

A handwritten letter is always a delight to read. The excitement and patience to wait for a mail and finally opening it is a happiness that kids these days are not aware of. Write once or two in a month to your grandkids. This encourages the kids...

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