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Fun Recipes To Try With Children In The Summer Holidays

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Summer is here! If you are on the hunt for new activities for your kids, introduce them to simple cooking such as these recipes we have lined up for you - frozen yoghurt bites, energy bars, mini quiches and fruit tartlets. Use seasonal fruits and vegetables for added variety and flavours. Read this ClipBook to start a new adventure together. Have fun, stay hydrated and healthy.

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Fun Food Ideas For The Summer Holidays

Helping your children eat right during the sweltering summer months is a must to keep them hydrated. Our healthy and fun recipes for the holidays will show you how Summer holidays are already upon us and your children need all the nutrition to ke...

8 Supercool Summer Foods For Kids

With temperatures rising to unearthly degrees, it is now mandatory to keep the body cool, fueled and equipped to beat the heat! Children will be itching to riot the parks and playgrounds, and as a parent, it is fair that you are concerned about fo...

Frozen Fruit Yoghurt Bites

Frozen fruit yoghurt bites is a cool treat on a hot day. It can be made with just two ingredients. This could be a quick mid-day snack which is nutritious and low in calories. Frozen fruit yoghurt bites are a perfect alternate for ice creams.

Fresh Fruit Tartlets

Fruit tartlets filled with seasonal fruits is one of the best formula for most parents to trick the kids into eating more fruits. Seasonal fruits like mango, strawberries, grapes and kiwi can be used to make the tartlet colorful and nutritious. ...

No Bake Granola Bars

Granola bars are easy and fast to make. This no bake granola recipe is a healthy snack option for kids. It is highly nutritious and provides enough energy for the kids to be physically active.

Easy Mini Quiches

These mini quiches are so quick and easy. You could get your little one to help you. They are great for entertaining, for kids' parties and as a snack and also great for school lunch boxes and can be whipped up in no time! If you don't have puff p...

Ants On A Log

Ant on a log is a great snack and it's something that's not bad for you either. It is a healthy, easy recipe that can be prepared by a preschooler. This snack contains celery which is rich in fiber. Wow does this ever bring back memories! Sometime...

Summer Smoothie

Summer smoothie for kids can be made using seasonal fruits like mango, banana, citrus fruits and melons. Children can make their own smoothie using their favorite fruits. These smoothies not only nourishes the body but also keeps the children hydr...

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