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Fun Learning Resources: Keep Your Children Entertained And Enlightened

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The summer vacation is here earlier than expected, and kids are at home all day. Are you feeling the pressure to keep them engaged? Well, you are not alone! As schools have closed early amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, and most offices have asked their employees to work from home, keeping the kids productively engaged is a challenge!

Before boredom kicks in and your children get glued to the mindless shows on TV, you need to devise a plan! We at ParentCircle are here with just that! Here, are a few enriching online resources you can explore to keep your little ones entertained and enlightened through the extra-long summer holidays as they stay cooped up indoors.

This ClipBook is a treasure trove of online resources that will engage your kids in fun activities while helping them expand their knowledge!

Flip through the pages of the ClipBook to explore more.


Explore And Learn With Smithsonian

Discover fun facts about animals, learn science through fun games and apps, create personal collections, and explore treasured objects. All these and more when you click on this link and start some fun learning with Smithsonian.

Explore 3d Animals With Google

Parents, this is not for the kids alone. You can have lots of fun too. Interact and have fun with your favourite animals like panda, lion, snakes, cheetah, etc. with just a click on your smartphone.

Explain The Current Situation Through Storyberries

Olive's school has closed, and she and her family have to stay in the house...a book to help parents talk about coronavirus. Read free bedtime stories, fairy tales and more, here!

Get Moving With Gonoodle

GoNoodle is a site that engages kids every month with videos created by child development experts. Available for free at school, home, and everywhere kids are.

Bake Your Own Bread With Americastestkitchen

Baking bread is a magical experience but time consuming. Taking plain old flour, mixing it with some water and yeast, and ending up with a soft, chewy loaf of real live bread is both surprising and empowering. Learn how to make one today.

Classroom And News Magazines From Scholastic

Check out Scholastic Classroom Magazines and Scholastic News Magazines for the latest topics to enhance knowledge in math, science, reading, social studies, and more!

Fun Quizzes And Games With Nat Geo Kids

Searching for quizzes and puzzles? Look no more. This site is full of funny fill-ins, quizzes, puzzles, and more!

Listen To Free Audiobooks From Amazon

Audible Stories is a free website where kids of all ages can listen to hundreds of Audible audio titles across six different languages—English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese—for free. What are you waiting for?

Games Unlimited With Pbs Kids

Play some educational games and watch videos from Curious George, Wild Kratts and other PBS Kids shows to help kids learn and play at home.

Kindle Your Kid's Curiosity With Curiosity Stream

From the founder of Discovery Channel, CuriosityStream is an award-winning subscription streaming service with thousands of documentaries and nonfiction programs. Let your child's imagination run wild.

Fun Learning With Starfall

Encourage your child to read with phonics with these audio-visual activities. These are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, special education or home schooled kids, and aid in English language development.

Learn More With Brainpop

Let your child explore the world and stay informed with BrainPOP. Help them acquire knowledge and understanding from the comfort of your home with this site.

Learn At Home With Scholastic

Keep the learning going with these special day-to-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing. Just find your kid’s grade level and let the learning begin!

Animal Games With Switch Zoo

Animals always amaze children. Read interesting facts about the behaviour and characteristics of 142 animal species on Switch Zoo. Play some fun games and take a tour of the zoo!

Imagine And Program With Scratch

Use Scratch, a free programming language to help your children create interactive stories, games, and animations. Help them learn while they play!

Help Them Code With Tynker

Tynker fuels creativity in thousands of children and powers their imagination with 40+ award-winning block and text-based courses and over 3,700 learning modules. There's a learning path for every kid.

Joyful Learning With Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy helps children start on core subjects like early literacy, reading, writing, language, and maths, while encouraging creativity and building social-emotional skills.

Fun And Knowledge With E-Learning For Kids

Want to use this break productively for your child? Check out this e-learning site and help them gain more knowledge.

Fun Math Games With Splashlearn

Want your child to use time to practice maths? Why not introduce him to these fun practice games? The site also sends progress reports via email so you can know where your child stands.

List Of Educational Shows To Watch

Now, more than ever, screen time is our friend when it comes to keeping toddlers and pre-schoolers busy during the coronavirus outbreak. If you're trying to work from home, these educational shows could come to your rescue.

List Of Educational Websites For Kids

These websites are providing free educational courses and materials for kids to do during the lock down. No more worries about keeping them occupied!

Learn A Language For Free With Duolingo

Make productive use of time indoors. Children can learn multiple languages by playing a game. The best part - it is 100 per cent free, fun and scientifically proven to work.

Add Colour To The World With Coloringnature

Coloring Nature is for both children and adults. It has more than 675 free printable coloring pages with new pages added weekly. Categories include serious science: biomes, anatomy, animals, plants and more.

Learning Math With Cuemath

Cuemath, an after-school maths excellence programme, has made its entire course material for Grades I to X free to access online.

Enjoy Fun Educational Activities And Resources With Time4learning

A blog post to help navigate printables, curriculum and homeschooling for younger kids. Whatever you want for your little one, it is here.

Explore Space With Nasa Kids' Club

Find out who is in the space station even as you test your driving skills, put the planes in order even as your unearth clues to find an object - all these and more fun activities about space for children to do.

Engineering Challenges With Dyson

Dyson has created 44 engineering and science activities for children to try out while at home during the coronavirus pandemic, from making a balloon-powered car to building a bridge from spaghetti.

Promote Learning In Kids With E-Tulika

When it comes to children, Tulika is keeping stride with digitisation – but discerningly, leaning towards partners interested in multiple languages.

Keep Your Minds Open With Wide Open School

Wide Open School is a brand-new, free online resource to support families and educators who are transitioning to remote learning as a result of the coronavirus.

Buy theme-based fun learning kids activity books for preschoolers and 6-12-year-old children.

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