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Fun Janmashtami Activities For Children

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How do you tell your children about the tales and antics of Lord Krishna? The little pranks, the stealing of butter and playing the flute to mesmerise the whole village -- Janmashtami day is the best time to regale children with these stories and indulge them with some fun activities. Make a Krishna flute with recycled material, give children colouring pages to keep them occupied while you prepare for the celebration or let the grandparents keep them interested with the many stories of Krishna. Here is a Clipbook with useful ideas for activities to do with  children.          


Colouring Pages

Looking for a way to keep the kids occupied while you go about your preparations? Hand them some Krishna-themed coloring pages, which you can download and print for free from Family Holiday. There are many to choose from, so you can be sure to kee...

Dress Up Like Krishna

Kids in a Krishna costume always look adorable – the younger they are, the cuter they look! You can either buy a full costume for your child, but it’s quite easy to put together one by yourself. Just follow our tips to make sure that you don’t mis...

Story Telling

Children love listening to and reading stories. This is a great opportunity for them cuddle up with a book or listen to the story from you. You can make the festival meaningful and memorable by reading them stories of Lord Krishna.

Make A Clay Krishna Doll

If your kids are fond of playing with play dough, let them fashion together a little Krishna doll from air drying or oven baked clay. Once it’s dried, you or the older kids can paint it and add little bits of fabrics and other shiny embellishments...

Painting Pots With Children

Children are too young to build a human pyramid and break the Dahi handi, but they can paint their own pots. This festival, let them paint it any way they like – they’ll enjoy the craft

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