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Fun Ideas To Teach Land Pollution


“Make trees, not stumps!” This is a familiar slogan that shouts a warning.

Land pollution is the deterioration of the earth’s land surfaces, often because of man’s activities. Improper waste disposal is one of the main reasons for this. The four main types of land pollution are caused by solid wastes, pesticides and fertilizers, chemicals and deforestation. The results of land pollution, especially that occurring from improper waste disposal, can be catastrophic. Things can get really bad if organic and inorganic wastes are not separated.

A Native American proverb goes like this: “Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.”

Recycling is one way out of this problem. “The greatest prevention to land pollution is in the three ‘R's’: Reduce Waste, Reuse things and Recycle things. This is true even for governments. They can also use the three ‘R’ rule to minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. After the three 'R's, remember to turn the rest of the garbage into compost,” according to eschooltoday.com.

What are some fun ways to teach your child about land pollution? What are the sources of land pollution? What is soil contamination? How is it different from soil degradation and soil pollution? How can we reduce land pollution?

This ClipBook will answer these questions and provide more information on how to teach your child about land pollution.

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What Is Land Pollution?

Land pollution is the deterioration (destruction) of the earth’s land surfaces, often directly or indirectly as a result of man’s activities and their misuse of land resources. It occurs when waste is not disposed of properly, or can occur when hu...

Types Of Land Pollution

There are different types of land pollution. Many publications group them differently. Let us see these four main types: Solid Waste, Pesticides and Fertilizers, Chemicals and Deforestation.

Sources Of Land Pollution

There are various sources of Land pollution, some of the basic ones have been highlighted here. Let's look at the sources of solid and semi-solid pollutants.

Effects And Dangers Of Land Pollution

There can be catastrophic consequences of land pollution in relation to humans, animals, water and soils. The effects are even worse if the garbage is not separated into organic, reusable and recyclable waste.

What Is Soil Contamination

Soil contamination, degradation and pollution mean different things even though we often use these terms to mean one thing. Check out the difference.

Land Pollution Prevention Tips And Solutions

Like many other challenges, the best way to solve problems is to understand it. This means learning about it (like what you are doing now) is the greatest step forward.<br>Here are a few other tips on how you can help reduce land pollution.

Important Facts On Land Pollution

Recycling a tonne of paper spares 17 trees, and Recycling half the world's paper would free 20 million acres of forest land. Recycling 1 aluminium can save enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours. Land pollution cause us to lose 24 billion tonnes of...

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