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Fun D I Y Activities With Paper

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Remember how we enjoyed making cute little things with paper when we were kids? Those were the days when old newspapers and waste paper would be turned into colourful little boats that would set sail on the muddy puddles on the road. And remember those battles we’d have with our friends, using paper rockets? We’d even have competitions to judge whose rocket travelled the farthest.

When we were kids, we knew making only a few of these lovely little things. But today, with technology becoming a part of our lives, many fun ideas are shared from all over the world. There is an array of things that we can make using paper – Gift bags, flowers, butterflies, elephants, bookmarks and pinwheels are just a few.

These ideas aren’t just interesting; they also help develop your child’s creativity and motor skills. Nowadays, as recycled paper is mostly used in making craft items, the activities are also environment-friendly. In the words of famous American poet, Maya Angelou, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” So, encourage your child to pick up that paper and create a variety of things. It definitely is a crafty experience as well as fun.

For fun DIY activities using paper, please refer to the ClipBook below. 

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