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From The Diary Of A Stay-at-home Dad


The American writer Clarence Budington Kelland said about his father, “He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”

There are hundreds of blogs and articles written about a mother - her love, care, sacrifice and the unending bond she has with her child. But we do not find many such writings about a father. Often, the love, affection and care shown by a father, who is also the provider and protector, goes unnoticed. This is mainly due to a father being considered strict, unapproachable, busy and a disciplinarian - an image created by the previous generations, though still persisting today. But with changing times, the role of a father has also changed from being a busy bread winner and a strict person to someone who is approachable and friendly. Nowadays, most fathers actively participate in child-rearing and child care. They are present for their children at every step and are expressive when showing their love.

Laura Padilla-Walker, study researcher, told LiveScience that: "Our study suggests fathers who are most effective are those who listen to their children, have a close relationship, set appropriate rules, but also grant appropriate freedom."

In recent times, many fathers have also started questioning gender-based family roles and are willing to be stay-at-home dads to their children. They take up house-based work options, whereas their spouses go out to work. One such example is of Sid Balachandran, our partner who has added his musings as a dad in this ClipBook.

To know more about stay-at-home dads, flip through our ClipBook.

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Father And Son

I’ve often heard people say that “Parenting is the toughest job in the world”. And now that I’m a parent, I agree. But here’s the thing – it’s not all doom and gloom. Your little one can make you feel thankful about a lot of little things. I’m ded...

Odd Man Out - Confessions Of A #Sahd

A stay-at-home husband? I’ve asked a lot of people about this hypothetical scenario. The general consensus has been that it sounds unrealistic, comical and perhaps even displays shades of a marriage that isn’t functionally accurate.

First Steps

It’s been one of those restless nights. Sleep has been hard to come by and no amount of tossing or turnings has helped. It’s a day that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks now. But I feel jittery. Inexplicably confused even.Scenarios of every k...

I Don't Know How She Does It

I am a hands-on father. But I confess, my morning duties with my son are largely restricted to packing his school bag, combing his hair (which is one of the toughest things ever) and taking him downstairs to wait for the school mini van.Curious to...

Dad At The Playground

“Sid!” calls out my wife in her sweetest voice.Sitting at my writing-table, fervently typing away on the laptop, I pretend not to hear her call. “Sid, are you listening?” “I was thinking…maybe you should take Rishi down to the playground today!” s...

Me Time: When's Yours?

A few weeks back, my son’s school reopened after a rather prolonged Christmas break. If you’re sensing a little excitement in my writing voice, then you’re absolutely right. I am happy. I might even say, I feel like a million-bucks. Do you know th...

A Little Optimism

I watched him pick up his toys and lazily amble towards the center of a sand-filled playground. It had not even been five minutes since he had been thrown out by the elder kids, because he was too small to help them build mud castles. But heart fi...

Would You Like A Drink?

There was a period when my son loved to play ‘the host’. In fact, every time the doorbell rang, he would push everything (and everyone) away and rush to open the door. He’d then gesture to them to come inside, while attempting to say, “Welcome!”

Of Humans And Animals

For a kid who has trouble at times differentiating between a diamond and triangle or an apple and an orange, he sure says oddly enlightening things at times. It’s like living with a three-feet eccentric little buddha...

Why Do They?

When people – strangers/neighbours – start to label toddlers with terms like ‘hyperactive, slow or having attention-disorder’ – it makes my blood boil. He may or may not have any of these symptoms; but why are people quick to label kids – especia...

Have I Told You....

They say that once something is out on the Internet, there’s no taking it back. This is perhaps a note, that I hope, survives my time, however long or short that may be. They say that inspiration comes to us in many forms. My inspiration to write ...

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