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Free Play: How It Can Benefit Your Child


Free play is any voluntary, self-directed activity that a child spontaneously engages in. In short, it is play without guidelines and restrictions imposed by adults.

Free play is extremely important for a child's development, especially in his younger years. It fosters independence, self-confidence, emotional awareness and interpersonal skills in children.

Until a few years ago, there was no need for the term 'free play'. Adults never saw the need to watch over children when they were playing. Children were given the freedom to do as they wanted. 

Sadly, the amount of time available to children for play has progressively decreased over the years. Increased pressures of academics, worries about child safety and overprotective parents have all contributed to this decline. 

Read through the ClipBook to understand just how important free play is for your child and make sure you don't deprive her of this beautiful privilege.


What Is Free Play?

Free play is any voluntary activity that a child spontaneously engages in and directs. It can involve outdoor games like running and catching as well as indoor play with toys. Free play is unstructured. This allows the child to interact with his i...

Free Play Enhances Emotional Development

When children are left to their devices they learn valuable lessons about emotional regulation. Play sometimes leads to a fight and this can teach children about anger management and conflict resolution. Through acting out imaginary scenarios chil...

Benefits Of Free Play For Children

Allowing your children to run free and do their own thing promises to be good for them in many different ways. Free play fosters independence, improves interpersonal skills and builds your child's creativity, to name a few...

Lack Of Free Play Affects Kids Mental Health

The rates of anxiety and depression in children have risen constantly over the last few decades. A major reason for this is that children are spending lesser time in self-directed play. Parents feel the needs to boost children's academic success a...

How To Encourage Free Play

As a parent, you have some power to decide how your child spends his time. Free play offers your child a wide variety of benefits, so make sure you encourage your child to get a healthy amount of it...

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