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Fourth Annual Conference - Swashikshan

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Swashikshan Annual Event

The 5 day residential event started on February 25, 2016, wherein parents and kids from all over India participated in various events and activities and made it a memorable one.

Meeting The Homeschoolers

Each day was packed with activities, workshops, programs for both kids and parents. As a partner, we were invited to the conference and we were able to cover 2 of their workshops. It was indeed a great experience to be part of the conference, spea...

Gender Sensitization Through Art

During the presentation, the speaker explained that, in basic terms, gender refers to a male or a female. The presentation then asked kids to associate various words with a particular gender- strong, kind, soft, daring, cooking, driving and so on....

Slideshow Presentation

During the course of the slideshow presentation, an animated film was shown “I am an animal” that revolved around sea horses. It pointed out to an important fact among sea horses-a system where the father lays eggs.

Talk By Claude Alvares

His talk at Swashikshan Conference was one of the key events that we covered. He addressed the parents on various issues pertaining to the environment, education, parenting etc. and also gave his valuable insights. He spoke about how agriculture h...

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