Founded On Rock

Csi Bain School

42-48, ORMES ROAD, KILPAUK Kilpauk Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010

All About Bain School!

Miss. E. M. Bain, a missionary of the Church of Scotland mission, founded the C.S.I. Bain Matriculation & Higher Secondary School in the year 1929 mainly for boys of the Nursery and Primary age. By the sacrificial and dedicated life and sustained ...

Mrs. Shyamala Suresh

Principal of CSI Bain School

Bain Calvary

Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening....

The Gift Service

The children of the Bain School are taught to share their plenty with the have-nots and other school children as well, during the time of Christmas.

Annual Prize Day

Once a year, Prizes are distributed to the winners – both in academics and extra- curricular activities.

The Clubs In Bain School!

The various Clubs are inaugurated in the month of June. – The Promise Club, Literary Club, Computer Club, Sports & Games Club (Volley Ball, Roller Skating, Basket Ball, Basket Ball etc), Classical Dance Club, Red Ribbon Club, Art & Needlework Club...

Inter-House Dramatics

The event provides a platform for the students to showcase their talents in acting. It is a house-wise competition.

The Houses Of Bain School!

Conducted in July – a one-day competitive event among the five houses, named after our Great Leaders TAGORE HOUSE Purple SAROJINI HOUSE Red NEHRU HOUSE Blue BHARATHI HOUSE Green GANDHI HOUSE Pink

We Also Have A Project Day!

The Project Day is the most important in CSI Bain School. It is an occasion for children to learn while doing and also an opportunity for parents to spend time with their children.

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Founded On Rock

The institution is built on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ and it is a Christian Institution.