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Forgotten Recipes Your Child Would Love


Do you have fond memories of eating the suzhiyan your mother used to make? Or of relishing delicious khubani ka meetha at a wedding? Better still, do you remember how refreshing it was to savour elaneer payasam on hot summer days? India has a range of flavourful desserts that are special to a region or a season. But unfortunately, some of these traditional sweets are now forgotten and no longer made. Truth is, the homemade sweets and desserts that used to delight us as children, have now been replaced by pre-packaged sweets, candies, pastries and chocolates.  

Naturally, children are attracted to these visually appealing fad foods. However, as a parent, it is your responsibility to introduce home-cooked traditional foods and sweets to your children. So, if you are aghast at your child's love of sugary, readymade sweets, why not make her some mouth-watering desserts from your childhood. Yes, preparing traditional sweets will require a lot more effort, but it will all be worth it, when your child asks for more! 

Flip through the pages of the ClipBook to learn about forgotten desserts that you can make at home. This can also be a beautiful way to tell your child about your roots and the foods you used to eat, long long ago. Happy cooking!


1. Suzhiyan

This is a traditional sweet made during Diwali. A festival special, it is a deep-fried preparation. It also has various names — suzhiyan, susiyam, suviyam, sweet seeyam and so on. Bite into this delicious snack and you will end up asking for more!

3. Javvarisi Vadam Or Sago Vadam

Tired of the ready-made chips your child is so fond of snacking on? Then, try out a homemade crispy alternative made of 'sago' or sabudana. These sago vadams/papads or crisps are easy to make and if stored well, can stay fresh for at least a month.

5. Kheer Puli Or Milky Rice Dumplings

India is full of regional gems that are little known outside their place of origin. One such is this unique dish from Odisha. This delicately flavourful dessert is also known as Khira Gaintha. It is made of rice flour balls immersed in simmering m...

6. Ela Ada

Don't you find yourself wishing your child would eat something healthier than packaged chocolates and candies? This dish from Kerala is a good alternative. Filled with the goodness of coconut and jaggery, it is moreover steamed, not fried.

8. Khubani Ka Meetha

This is a traditional Hyderabadi sweet dish made of dried apricots and at times, garnished with sliced almonds. It is prepared on special occasions. This is dessert rich in taste and flavour, but easy to make.

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