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One of Hollywood’s great actors, Dustin Huffman, essayed the role of a single father who fights for the custody of his son in Kramer vs. Kramer. Being a single dad is difficult, even by today’s standards but in today’s world, many single dads are embracing this role and some are even excelling in it.

Being a single dad is a daunting task. One not only has to take care of the baby or child but start doing things that one would not be familiar with. Cooking for the child, getting the child ready for school and honing one’s parenting skills are just a few of the things that you start to embrace.

The Independent carried out an article where single fathers revealed what it’s like to be a lone parent. One of the most common complaints was the issue of isolation as single dads regularly get excluded from school get-togethers where the majority attendees are mums.

Over the years, many movies have depicted single dads as devoted fathers who can go to any extent for their babies. Three Men and a Baby and The Pursuit of Happyness are two movies that depicted the trials and tribulations of being a single dad.

Making time for the children, taking them out to the movies are some tips that help single dads immensely.

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