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Pregnancy is a milestone in every woman’s life. In the words of the American singer and actor, Beyoncé, “It is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you. There is no bigger gift.”

For all expectant moms, it is a stage that is full of happiness and anxiety about dos and don’ts. They have a lot of questions, like the right kind of food and nutrition, maintaining good health, right types of exercise, labour and delivery.

Previously, in an extended family setting, expectant moms usually sought answers to their doubts solely from women of the older generation. But, as we live in an age of information, the present generation have numerous resources available for help and guidance. There are classes for almost everything - antenatal, birthing, Lamaze, breastfeeding, pregnancy and yoga. Attending these classes can prepare moms-to-be to handle pregnancy, childbirth and life with their newborns in a better way. Although, as an expectant mom, it is not mandatory to enrol yourself in these classes, you should sign up for them, as it is always good to be prepared and well-informed.

For more about the essentials every expectant mom should know, please flip through the ClipBook by our expert, Dr Debmitra Dutta.

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A Bond For A Lifetime

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