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For The Love Of The Navy

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The Indian Navy is an institution that has been around for centuries, in different forms and guises. It patrols our national waters, keeps them safe for trade and combats threats in times of conflict.

Sadly, in this day and age, few children consider serving the nation by joining the armed forces. Some may even feel that a career in the Navy isn't as lucrative as a job in the private sector. 

But making the decision to join an institution like the Indian Navy isn't really about making lots of money for oneself. As Commander P S Sreenivasan, VAM, a retired naval officer says, “What we learn here is this - My nation comes first; my fellow others come second; for me, I come last. For us, the nation and the flag is first.”

Swipe through the clips below to educate your child about the navy. He will undoubtedly discover that a career in it is well worth considering. 


Why Is 4 December Indian Navy Day?

We celebrate Indian Navy Day on 4 December every year. This is a tribute to the Indian Navy's courage and determination during the 1971 war. On 4 December 1971, the Indian Navy sailed from Gujarat's Okha Port towards Karachi. They destroyed four e...

History Of The Indian Navy

The genesis of the Indian Navy was in the backdrop of colonial rule. It was formed to protect the East India Company's trade routes against Indian and foreign rivals. From it's inception it has had numerous names including the Bombay Marine, Her M...

Who Is The Father Of The Indian Navy?

"Chhatrapati Shivaji" is known as the Father of the Indian Navy. The feisty king was known for his military prowess but few remember that he also had a formidable navy. His naval presence extended along the Konkan coast, mainly to protect trade ro...

Facts About The Indian Navy

Did you know that the Indian Navy played an important role in the Second World War? Were you aware that Kerala's Ezhimala Naval Academy is the largest in Asia? As you keep reading more about the navy, you can't help but feel your pride increase in...

Career In Indian Navy

Encourage your child to become a part of something bigger than herself by planning on a career in the Indian Navy. There are several routes to a career in the navy including the National Defence Academy and Service Selection Board. Aside from a he...

Indian Navy's Cutting-Edge Technology

When it comes to using the most cutting-edge technology, the Indian Navy is never far behind. And what's more, most of the Indian Navy's ships and equipment are built in India, instead of being bought for foreign countries. The INS Arihant is a nu...

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