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For The Love Of Siblings


Growing up is so much fun for a child when there is a sibling in the picture. Brother–sister bonds, sister–sister bonds and brother–brother bonds—not enough can be said about the joys they bring. Each of these relationships are special in their own way.

Every relationship is an experience and teaches us a number of things. Relationship with siblings teaches us the values of sharing and caring. It also gives us the first experience of peer interaction. Besides, siblings are a part of so many beautiful memories. Sharing secrets, fighting and patching up, saving each other’s skin or getting each other into trouble, the fun at family vacations, helping with studies—childhood with siblings is full of these wonderful memories.

In fact, research indicates that the influence of siblings shapes our lives so many ways. Dr. Jonathan Caspi in an article published in The Huffington Post says, “Like it or not, so much of the way we learn to handle relationships, closeness, competition, give support, argue, resolve conflicts and play we learned from our interactions with our siblings.”

As a parent, and probably a sibling, you would want to know what this special love between siblings is all about. In an interview given to the Business Insider, science writer Jeffrey Kluger, who has authored the book ‘The Sibling Effect’, throws light on certain interesting scientific facts with respect to the relation between siblings.

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