For A Healthy Bond

All About Klay Schools

KLAY, the best play school in India, would help you in your journey of bringing up your little one by providing the right education, values and ideals, as your child gets ready to step into the world. Click on the link to read more.

Our Philosophy

Kids, Learning and You - KLAY. Our name says a lot about our philosophy. Our teaching and learning philosophy is based on Multiple Intelligence and experiential learning, where the child learns through experiences in and around one’s learning spac...

The Power Of Saying "I Love You"

I Love You. Three simple words with a wealth of meaning behind them. As one of the most impactful things a parent can say to their child, remembering to say it out loud and often to your loved ones could prove a challenge. Read on...

Things That Can Distant A Child Away From The Parents

Although, the universal rules for successful parenting may vary, the one thing that remains constant are some parenting errors. Repeatedly doing these will only distance a child away from the parents. Here are some things that should be avoided...

What To Do When Your Child Makes You Angry

With your toddler’s screaming, crying, creating a mess, fussy eating and tantrums, it is only natural to get mad. Remember, it is alright to get furious but what is not acceptable is to yell or spank your child. Well, read on to know more on what ...

Want To Be A Great Parent? The Secret Is To Create A Closer Connection With Your Child

"What do you mean? Of course I love my kid, and I tell him so all the time. But that doesn't mean he doesn't need discipline!" It isn’t enough that we tell our children we love them. We need to put our love into action every day for them to feel i...

Mother's Day Special : Klay & Tlc

This Mother's Day, KLAY & TLC (The Little Company) decided to show moms how their children really see them. The results are heartwarming :) Check out the video...

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Parenting - Relationships | 2-10y

For A Healthy Bond

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A collection of articles brought to you by KLAY Schools that will help strengthen the parent-child bond.