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Foods That Fight Allergies


Are you often bothered by seasonal sniffles, never-ending sneezes and dreadful red itches that keep you confined to bed? Most probably you’re suffering from an allergic reaction. But don’t worry, instead of swallowing some bitter pills, you can try some tasty ways of resolving your problem.

A lot of people are susceptible to allergies, and pollens and some foods are the most common causes of these allergies. But there are several fruits and vegetables that, apart from being rich in nutrients, protect you from developing seasonal allergies.

According to WebMD, onions, kiwi, honey and tuna can help in easing the symptoms of allergy. An article titled ‘6 foods that may help curb your allergies’ published on WebMD lists six foods that can prevent allergies. In this article, Elson Haas, MD, says that quercetin present in onions may help in reducing ‘histamine reactions’, which are a part of any allergic response. There are some other foods that can also help you fight allergies like apples, turmeric, lemons, salmon, green tea, sweet potatoes, ginger and flaxseeds.

In an article published in everydayhealth.com, Leonard Bielory, MD, chairman of the integrative medicine committee for the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) and a professor at Rutgers University, says that a healthy diet is helpful for controlling allergies.

Want to know more about foods that fight allergies? Then, please go through the pages of this ClipBook.


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