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Foods That Comfort A Stomach Pain


Stomach pain is common in toddlers and children with the main causes being diet, stress, and growing pains. But, what if your toddler starts to vomit? We look at foods that might help.

Per Todays Parent, sudden pain in the tummy that comes and goes for a few hours is usually a sign of two things – gas or constipation. But, sometimes recurring abdominal pain in toddlers can indicate soemthing serious and lead to vomiting. Feeding a toddler who’s vomiting can be a difficult task.

But it helps to remember that even if the toddler is throwing up most of what you feed him, he still benefits from the nutrients in those foods.

Per the article, Safe Foods for a Toddler With an Upset Stomach, published in SFGATE, some foods that might help to comfort stomach pain in toddlers include:

• Clear broth: If your toddler has a stomach ache, broth might help as it prevents dehydration. Your child may be dehydrated with vomiting and diarrhoea. Broth helps to hydrate your toddler.

• Electrolytes: During vomiting, your child loses valuable electrolytes that help balance fluids in her body. Offer her bananas or, better still, oral rehydration solutions (ORS), which help to replace potassium and other electrolytes lost due to vomiting.

• Band foods: Baked potato and white rice will not irritate your toddler’s tummy. Gelatin, apple sauce and toast are also safe for your toddler.

• Foods to avoid: Do not feed your toddler greasy, fatty foods that can only make vomiting worse. Dairy foods and sugary foods should also be avoided.

Know more about other foods to avoid and read about the natural remedies for stomach pain in children by flipping through the pages of this ClipBook.


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