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Food Habits And Its Impacts On Children

Smitha Suresh

“To look at the impacts of non-nutritive food consumption on health especially in children, we need to begin by looking at pregnancy itself – that’s where a lifetime of good or bad health is created for a foetus,” wrote Smitha Suresh, Nutrition Consultant, in an article named ‘For Our Children’ in her blog ‘Wellness as a Context for Life.’

Our food habits are not weaved by us alone; our parents have a significant role to play in it as well. The junk food addiction in a child must have had its roots implanted way behind in the past than we imagine - could go back to the days a child was a mere foetus in the mother’s womb.

Many of the food habits we follow are results of external influences. The way we eat must do a lot with the environment we live in; the food our parents provide; the food our friends eat; the staple foods of the society/state, the TV/Online shows that we watch, etc. Our likes and dislikes towards certain foods can be even the influence of something that happened in our childhood. There’s a lot that we may not know about our own food habits.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well,” quotes Virginia Woolf, a famous writer and, a pioneer modernist of the 20th century. The right food acts as the food for your thought processes as well. So, to explore more about your or your child’s food habits, to know more on the lines of nutritious and healthy food, to know the facts and lies behind packaged foods and many more, flick through the following pages of the ClipBook, “Food Habits And It's Impacts On Children”.  


Why We Need To Change! - An Overview

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Where Did It All Begin?

To look at the impacts of non-nutritive food consumption on health especially in children, we need to begin by looking at pregnancy itself – that’s where a lifetime of good or bad health is created for a foetus.

Why Do We Eat The Way We Do?

Continuing to look at eating habits - 'WHY' would probably be the most profound question you could ask yourself. If you think about it, why is it that you eat at the times that you do? Why do you hate/love certain foods? Each and every food behavi...

Adults Who Eat Lots Of Junk Food Probably Ate Lots Of It As Infants, Too

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Nutrition Labels In Processed Foods - The Facts

So, how do you read nutrition labels?<br>The myth: Ingredients lists on food products are designed to inform consumers about what's contained in the product. <br>The reality: Ingredients lists are used by food manufacturers to deceive consumers an...

Industry Always Eyes The Bottomline

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Zero Nutrition Foods

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Ten Ways To Raise A Nutritionally Aware And Responsible Child

Implementing these 10 tips are not difficult. It does start with your willingness to walk the talk. This won’t work if you make a face while eating your greens and expect your child to love them without question. Good nutrition is good for everyon...

8 Ways Your Eating Habits Affect Your Kids

We often fail to teach the value of exercise and healthy eating often. The majority of your child's attitudes about food and nutrition, their desire to be physically active and even their weight will come directly from their parents.

Breaking The Bad Food Habits

Kids are as busy as adults these days so it's easy to grab and eat on the go.<br>It's not hard to fall into bad eating habits because of a lack of time, poor planning or the availability of convenient food and snacks.

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